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Mar 31, 2013 6:00am PDT
jong un to put strategic rocket units on standby. they believe the threats are aimed to try to draw washington into talks to boosted the north korea leader's image. >>> 7,000 of dentist's patients were mailed a letter warning them they may have been exposed of a virus due to sanitary zblns news was on the radio and it was a dentist and dirty equipment. at the end there is a name and i just went, what? >> i didn't see any evidence, you know, of what they are saying. he was very nice. i didn't know what i was exposed to. >> carolyn: one example is the autoclave in the office like this one. this machine sterilizes instruments and supposed to be tested monthly. authorities say it not been checked in six years. >> it's going to be a wet easter sunday. frances dinglasan is here to tell you when there might be some breaks. it's not an all day event. >> we are looking for breaks. spotty showers right now. as the wet start as we show you low clouds over the bay bridge in emeryville but i'll tell you when, where and how much you can expect throughout the day. >> carolyn: also next, why so man
Mar 30, 2013 6:00am PDT
kim jong un and caption that appears to say strategic forces appear to hit the u.s. and north korea striking an american bomber. south korean media saying the north may be preparing for another missile test. ed lee is taking his second trip this month. now he is in china. he begin yesterday. he will be meeting with chinese government officials and business leaders. he want to lure chinese investors here and get a chinese bak bank to fund housing developments at two military bases. >> i'm going to get even another airline hooked in for international flights as well as try to get closer to an agreement on a project at hunters point. >> lee will visit his father's ancestral village. he expected to get red carpet treatment there. he has about 30 people on his trip including willie brown. >> katie: it is the end 6 an era. a san francisco institution closes its doors after 27 years. tommy was a hot spot for celebrities. they dined there, it's also attracted politicians like dianne feinstein and former mayor willie brown. changing demographics and lease issues have forced tommy's joint to
Mar 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
pyongyang in support of kim jong-un and his call to arms. he is threatening tovoke the united states ordering the country's forces to be on stand by. this morning, the developments come after the united states and two stealth bombers to south korea after the north cut off communications with the south and the planes dropped dummy bombs on a south korean bombing range in an exercise before returning home. >> we have to take seriously every provocative, bellicose, word and action this new young leader has taken. >> experts say north korea is not capable of nuclear strikes but the united states is taking the threats seriously. the pentagon has already taken steps to strengthen missile defenses here on the west coast. >> former south africa president nelson mandela remains in the hospital after a second night of treatment for a chronic lung infection. south african are still concerned about mandela moves health but the current president is asking people not to panic and the 94-year-old is responding well to treatment and the antiapartheid hero contracted tuberculosis during his time in p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3